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What if….

If you were a director, would you have fabulous prizes or just play up the Star Prizes and things the company offers? If you offered prizes, what type of things would you offer and what would be the criteria to win? Let’s play “what if…”!



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Survey Results April 2007

Which do you care MOST about?
Recruiting 17.1%
Sales 62.9%
Getting the discount 5.7%
Making friends in MK 14.3%

Do you wear the “MK professional” to every single MK event, class, and appointment?
100% of the time! 51.4%
90% 22.9%
80% 14.3%
70% 2.9%
50% 5.7%
40% 0.0%
30% or less 2.9%

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MK Rules Survey

I will post results in 10 days! Please fill it out honestly, your identity will be kept annonymus.

Click here to take our Online Survey


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