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11 responses to “Beauty Shop

  1. I like the new avatar in here. Not as crazy as the cell phone girl! 😉

  2. I think your new banner is the best yet–nice avatar, too. 🙂

  3. sabrina

    Check out MK In Touch as soon as you can! They just came out with a new product….Fragrance Wands!! (as in for your purse). So cute, and perfect to promote perfume sales! (They’re also counting them towards our sales challenge)

  4. I just checked it out–AWESOME!!! I have some customers interested in Bella, too. This is way cool. 🙂

  5. Oh my director sent this out on e-mail…great stocking stuffers!

  6. I just wanted to pop in here and say “Hi” to you! I miss chatting with you. I have been so busy. But, after this Friday, football season (youth) will be over. I am going head on into the pizza thing for a bit to get it running smoother and better, but hopefully in a month, I will have some computer time to catch up with you all.

    Miss you! Hugs!!!!

  7. sabrina

    I just got my fragrance wands last night…they are just as cute as I was hoping they’d be! I brought them to work this morning, and guess what….I already have one of the ladies here ordering one for herself, making a list of her friends she can give one to, and ordering an MK High Intensity gift set!

    If you haven’t ordered any wands yet, I really recommend it. They’re limited edition, but come Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day these will make great gifts!

  8. I like your feedburner thingy so I had to copycat. Sorry! 😳

  9. Mary

    Shouldn’t she be in a skirt? Oh! good shoes, though! Kidding,

  10. So I am not good at warm chatter. How can you establish rapport with someone you just met with a goal of giving them a facial.?

  11. Joanne Kilbourne

    The more you do it the better you get.
    So just do more of it.

    No one can tell you how to develop
    your own special talent.or your own style…you have to just do it your way. It’s your style.
    You develop it by action. You also can’t copy
    someone elses style. So if I tell you how
    I do it it might not work for you. But I can
    tell you how to get started.

    Begin by saying “by the way, my name is Joanne
    and I don’t mean to embarrass you but I recently
    joined MK and I have a challenge to do 30 makeovers…..I’d like to give you my # and
    give you a call. SMILE and shut up

    See what she says. The less you say the better
    She may say ok and write the # on the card
    you are holding……make sure you are handing
    it to her when you say this.

    The best way to get good at this is go out
    and talk to 40 women and keep it up til all
    40 cards are gone.

    Now if you really want to
    get good at this this is how.

    Or start with chitty chat girl talk and then

    Oh by the way……….

    That starts it and just keep smiling.

    It works for me. Truly it is a numbers game.


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