Love Mail

In blogland, it seems that “hate mail” is the item of the day. I personally do not like to give attention to those who “hate” me, but I will shower it on those who “love” me (I use the terms loosely…)! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the love, ladies! You are what makes this site so special!

Note: If you have anything good to say behind someone’s back (your recruiter, director, a sister consultant, someone who posts here, or about this site), please email me and I will add it to this page!

“Hi, this is Uptowngirl2857, im so glad to see the face behind that MK Rules blog!! Nice to meet you, i enjoy your blog and read it everyday. Im glad someone else told me about it, bc it has helped me greatly. “
Thanks, Uptowngirl2857! Your comments really help others! Thanks for the support!

“I just have to tell you that your blog has become my “Go – To” place…Getting results from working my business ethically, the Mary Kay way is all the “proof” I need that what PT and her followers are saying is false. …Thanks for providing a place where I can get useful timely information and “real” feedback from women who can even disagree w/o being disagreeable..Dara”

Thank you, Dara for your kind words! You inspired me to start this “Love Mail” page. You are so right, we need to focus on what we are doing that is positive, not what “they” are doing that is negative! πŸ™‚
“Hey there MKRules!

I want to show love for my sister consultant Stephanie because she is On Target for the Queen’s Court of Sales in Emerald Division! I believe she is less than $3000 away and she typically sells $1000 or more per week! She’s amazing! She was recruited by one of my recruits! Tonight my future NSD is having a conference call and Stephanie will be training on working around a full time job. I can’t wait! ~Shades~”

Thanks for sharing your positive feedback on your sister consultant, Shades! We can all gain some insight and motivation from hearing about those who are really movin’ and groovin’!

“Hi there! I know you probably get tons of email (or at least dozens) from consultants thanking you for your site, but I couldn’t NOT send you one too!

Just to let you know a little bit about what brought me to your site….I’ve been a consultant (active) for a year now, and my mom is a Director as well, so I’ve been around Mary Kay for most of my life, and so its hard for me to imagine anyone HATING MK, much less devoting sites to discrediting the opportunity and disillusioning others about it….

Anyway, to make a long story short I did a google search one day to find Allison LaMarr’s page that someone had told me about, and instead of finding her page I found the Pink Truth website. Being young and naive I read it! That was the worst day ever for me! My pink bubble had been burst!! Anyway, that was several months ago….and luckily my mom is my director and that is what helped me shake it out of my system and get on with my life and with Mary Kay. I can just imagine what finding a site like that would do to a new consultant or to someone that was considering the opportunity….I agree that its not for everyone, and the women that post on those sites could quite possibly have an excellent reason for feeling the way they do, but its a generalization, and unfortunately readers don’t get to see the good things that happen for those of us that have found success with Mary Kay. I’m committed to working in an ethical manner, and doing things the RIGHT way….and THAT is why I have to thank you for your site!!



Sabrina: Thank you so much for your kindness and your support. I am so excited to have you as a part of this blog!


39 responses to “Love Mail

  1. Thanks for all the “love mail” ladies! It is so nice to get love mail in my inbox instead of hate mail! πŸ™‚

  2. Rebecca

    Great “love mails”, MKRules!

  3. colleen

    WOW!!! People are finding out about MK Rules oh yes wait a minute Mr Postman!!!! This is sweet..

  4. Hi there MK! I have missed our late night chats, too. Unfortunately, internet access from Jamaica is way expensive $5 for like 10 minutes at our resort (unless your a kid – ha ha) so I probably won’t be able to chat while there. 😦 Shades will have to keep you busy, but I can take care of 1/2 the time the hubby is away. πŸ™‚ I am headed home tomorrow from my Mom’s, hopefully I will see you on line tomorrow night. Until then…Hugs!

  5. Tomorrow is my day for R and R, so I will be around. πŸ™‚

  6. msmkpink

    love your site, MK rules,
    You are wise beyond your years.
    Thanks for all you do

  7. πŸ™‚ Thank you! And welcome, I haven’t seen you here before.

  8. msmkpink, we all love mkrules here, she is truly a go-give gal! hope to see you around the blog.

  9. Thanks for giving us a POSITIVE site to come to. I have had to delete two sites from my Favorites this week, as they have just turned into hate blogs. Keep it positive, Keep it REAL, and keep doing what you’re doing, when you have time. I really appreciate being able to come here! kmh
    (I, too, am a $1000+/week seller of MK and LOVE my clients)

  10. KMHchino: I have been thinking about those anti-pt sites as well. I decided to do a whole post on it. I do love “duh” and some others as people, but the site is just not where I need to focus my attention. I go there when I am bored and I could do much better service to myself by reading a good book or something else productive instead of reading those sites. I don’t plan to go back. Even some other “pro-mk” sites are really anit-pts. I want to focus on the good.

  11. KMHchimo ~ You definately will not find any PT/TC bashing here. It is a totally positive site!! (Although, I do agree those other sites are needed, it doesn’t mean everyone has to participate. Particularly if they begin to interfere with your business.) The previous post from mkrules where she said she is doing a post on it will most likely be the only one, if she even does it. I know for sure that mkrules does not want this blog to be like some of the others. It’s all about keeping it real and keeping it positive here. Mkrules is a born leader with a true blue go-give spirit. This is an awesome site for tools and information for your Mary Kay business. Don’t forget InTouch too! That is the best source of information as it comes directly from the source itself. Welcome.

  12. Semi– KMHchino has come here some in the past. I think she has just been back a bit more due to all the other pro-mk sites turning into anti-pt. 😦

  13. too true, MKR. I have been reading your blog for ages! Always like what you have to say. And, Semi-C, your In Touch is 1000% better than ours, as I am sure you have full-time staff devoted to it. Unfortunately, we cannot access it, so “limp along” with our own totally outdated site. kmh

  14. I sometimes forget that some of the readers here are from the Great White North. πŸ™‚ I have not seen the CA InTouch before, and didn’t realize it was that different from ours, although I thought that the US MK and CA MK would be fairly close. I was looking at your personal MK web site just now and they are really different from ours, too. I like the look of yours, it’s cute.

  15. KMH did you go to Seminar? If so, what was the Canadian free gift? We did get the Bella Belara and I love it!

  16. Adding my own love mail! I am off to the beach for the weekend, but should be home Monday night. Would love to chat with you.

    Ladies, for those of you that don’t already know, our mkrules is a definite GO-Give kinda gal! I know I love her!

  17. Love this site MK rules! May you be the 1st blog that shows up when people google Mary Kay. You’ve got it figured out!!! Go Girl!!!


  18. MKR: We got the Bella, Intensity, new datebook (bilingual English/French), Line Reducer and I can’t remember what else. As you are celebrating your 45th Anniversary we are celebrating #30 at Seminar next year, so the emphasis is on pearls.
    Thanx Semi-C: hope the Cdn prices didn’t “freak you out” … just goes to show you never need to discount MK in the States as we pay significantly more for it in Canada … not to mention how much MORE they pay for MK in Australia and England and Germany. The US has the “bargain prices” in MK.
    nsdgonnaBme: So nice to see someone I know on this blog site! You are so Go Give and hard working I KNOW you will make it to NSD. Keep on being the person you are, and you will keep attracting quality women to your life and future National Area. Hugs, kmh

  19. KMH: Y’all got a LOT of stuff! We got the line reducer at CC though. πŸ™‚

  20. I just wanted to pop in and say hello! I miss our late night chats and all the blog stuff, but I am on a semi-regular sleeping pattern now. Once I can get the wireless up and running at work, I can check in a bit more. I have been working almost 50 hours a week on top of cheer practice and football stuff. Hopefully, I will be on the computer a bit Saturday night. I have the weekend off to celebrate my youngest’s birthday party. Miss chatting with you all! Hope to catch up soon.


  21. Glad to hear you are working hard! I hope things are going well for you. I am not such a night owl anymore myself! Can you believe lots of days I am up by 8:30 am or 9? *pats self on the back!*

    I miss our chats, too! Email me anytime!

  22. Me too! I haven’t seen so many 8AMs in a long time. It does give me a good feeling and all this stuff has taken 8 pounds off! Can’t complain there. Congrats on fixing your sleeping pattern too. I swear it wears one out. Anyway, I am going to try to get a post up this week about stuff that’s going on with the family and all that. Talk to you soon. ~ SC

  23. Just wanted you to know I love all the great organization tips!

  24. Just a quick note to say I love the blog look. I really like the MK Rules box with your “logo”.

  25. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by! I know you have been super busy.

  26. kahni

    LOVE the new animations, mkrules! You are Da Woman!! πŸ˜‰

  27. Thanks, Kahni! I thought they were pretty cute myself! πŸ™‚

  28. LOVE that you are back! What happened???? Shoot me an email. πŸ™‚

  29. MKRules

    No idea….they never told me why. Glad it is back up though!


    Hey MKRules I am glad that you are back. When I check this morning I was freaking out. I come here in the mornings to get a fresh perspective of things.

  31. I just wanted to say I miss chatting with you guys. Hope to be able to by next week when my life slides back to normal mode. πŸ™‚


  32. Hi Krysti! Good to see you on for a second. πŸ™‚ Hope all is well.

  33. Hi Krysti!!!! πŸ™‚

    Next week will be back to normal for me too, after Rena’s retreat. We will be doing chat Thursday at 10 pm central time. Hope you make it!

  34. MKRules… you have been tagged!

  35. Nikki Crayk

    Hi everyone!!! I was bored and googled my moms name and to my surprise this wonderful website came up among the pages that my mom is mentioned on. I wasn’t aware that a mkrules website had been started and it warms my heart sooo much to see such amazing women spreading the dream and publicly sharing the examples of what wonderful things Mary Kay has brought into your lifes. It doesn’t work for everyone and that is fine, but it’s so sad that those people feel that they need to be so cruel and hurtful and put negative energy into a world that needs so much love. I applaud all of you for taking a stand.
    All my love,
    Nikki Crayk

  36. Thanks so much for creating this site. I have read the comments and received alot of helpful info to keep me striving in my business. This is my 3rd time in MK, but I want to go to the top. I’ve been doing it now for 2 months and I’m off to a pretty good start! Thanks for all the positive feedback.

    Future red jacket…..

  37. I would be very pleased to meet or talk to genuine
    people I feel after 59 years I have much to offer. I offer you this comment with humility,for after all none of us stop learning. there is still a clear focus out there. let me help regards john

  38. ihatepink

    you are so full of crap i cannot even stand it there are so many women loosing there money doing this you suck.

  39. Gina Moran

    Love your site!

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