Any questions we can help you with? Need a new idea? Not sure if you have all the info needed to make a good decision about your business?

No worries! Ask us! And for those who know the answer: Let’s support each other and be go-give by offering real advice.


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  1. purplekisses

    I did a fish bowl sometime last year… it was a serious flop! I want to try again but i need some new ideas and rules to abide by so that i dont fail again!

    Oh, i guess i should introduce myself. Im new to the site but i absolutely love what i have seen as i have looked around today! I have been a consultant for little over a year and had given up. I started selling again just to get rid of product, but when i got started I decided to give it another try… this time a little stronger!

  2. Hey Purplekisses! I tried a fishbowl in the past and had a couple good classes, but the leads soon turned sour. I think location is important. Earlier today I emailed my director for some location ideas. One idea I’m toying with is a scrapbook shop near my home.
    Some “rules” I recommend would be to post on your sign “Must Be At Least 18 to Enter.” I realized I was getting a lot of kiddies signing up for mine. Also, have multiple fishbowl locations at a time so you can determine where the strongest leads are coming from. Finally, if after 2 weeks you aren’t getting many leads, pull the fishbowl. It needs a new home. πŸ™‚
    As I experience more with fishbowls, I’ll be more than happy to share!

  3. purplekisses

    thank you soooo much! that is extremely helpful!

    i have been doing some planning and brainstorming today and reading your message definitely confirmed that i need toput the fishbowl on hold until i have a few more places to put one up… but i have been working really hard on designing a holiday showcase party… have you ever had one? if so have you had a lot of success?

  4. When you say a showcase party, do you mean a product preview held at someone else’s house or a holiday open house held in your own home?

    I haven’t done either myself, but I have advice for open houses that I learned from a Cadillac director.

    Right now, I’m focused on the basics. I focus on faces. My goal at this point is a Power Start. πŸ™‚ Once I get that mastered, I can conquer all! LOL

    Oh, another piece of advice on fishbowls: place them in locations that are somewhat near each other. That way, you can easily check on each of them at the same time. You can then fit into your schedule a designated day to check fishbowls. πŸ˜‰

  5. purplekisses

    I guess u could say its like a product preview party… but its a showcase of Holiday Gifts so people can order what they want and get them back in time to give away…

    that is a good idea for the fishbowls… i am taking notes for when i actually carry that project out!

  6. Purple Kisses:

    I have had about 15 fishbowls (search for my fishbowls post) and some were great, some not so great.

    The key is…have a few out and do target locations where older ladies go (I have one out now at Scrapbook Barn). Other ideas are gift shops, beauty salons, gyms…If you don’t get a name in there in 2 weeks, remove it and try another place. It is hit or miss, but oh well. Don’t take it personally or depend on only a fishbowl. Do some “ghost hostess” packets to be returned to you by Halloween, too! Some people will sign the front saying they want a facial or book for freebies.

    A few other ideas to get you back going…Do a booth event. I am gonna do a huge post with how to do a booth this week so look for that. Also, try having a goal that people can help with…this helps the appointments hold. For instance, if they know if you do 30 faces in 30 days you will win a prize, and by having 5 guests at their party THEY will get a gift, you will both WIN. πŸ™‚

    Don’t give up. I have wanted to a few times, but I always realize that until I have tried all there is to try and doing it with confidence, I am not done trying.

  7. Zalea

    hey ladies,
    I used to poke in and say a few words in here a while back, and then for the last few weeks I took a break from it all, put away my business cards, and focused on family and our financial quandary and now I’m in a pink pickle….
    Our finances are so tight that even on WiC and living off of family, the cupboards are bare and the gas tank is empty. Our employer is slowly reducing our hours because it’s the slow season, but hubby is getting back into the military soon (in a few weeks) and then we will be seeing less of him, but a better pay check….
    I go inactive terminated at the end of October, unless I place my $200 order. I have a coworker who voiced interest in some product (about $75 worth) and a family member that might order $50 if she knows i’m putting in an order…

    I’m wondering if it would be worth it to do the order and get my butt working now, or to be terminated, wait for a more stable income for fallback, and just startover with a new starter kit in a month or two….

    I love this business and I know that I have the drive and the commitment to make it work, but my timing always seems off, and that had shaken my confidence.
    Just looking from a few words of wisdom.

  8. Hi Zalea:

    I think it is worth it to do an order. It really seems like you need some extra income, too.

    Here are my words of wisdom: Situations never change until we do. Until we make changes, everyone around us will react to us in the same way….creating a cycle that appears to be unbreakable. But if we change our words, our outlook, and our actions, people will respond to us differently.

    Life will never stop and make more time for us to work. We have to work it in when we can to make a change in our lives, instead of waiting for life to change so we can work.

    I hope this helps you! Sell 10 Satin Hands sets this month …perhaps even sell them for $25 each and place your order with that. You could even get some outside hostesses to help you with that. You could ask 3 people to sell 4 each and when they do, they get one free for themselves.

    There are lots of easy ways to come up with a $200 order. And when you see how easy it is, you can do it more often and use the profit for whatever bills you need to pay or just for a treat.

    I know you can do this if you make it sound easy to the people helping you. They will jump on board!

  9. Zalea

    I want so much to stomp out the fear and just do it… thinking about it too there may be an opportunity to do a fundraiser through my work’s employee association. They’re looking for a way to raise money to support having the holiday party off-site, has anyone done and had sucess with fundraisers like this? I feel weird about it because I did have 2 coworkers ask about product a while back, and I said I would look into it, but they each wanted just one product and I didn’t have the money to place the orders, and they haven’t really talked to me about it since. also don’t know how ethical it would be to promote my business at the workplace? they are about as un-related as it gets (I work for the big orange hardware store).

    I have been toying with making up a sample flyer to show my HR (who heads the Employee association) with a few sets like satin hands, color 101, and a body care and men’s set, with a “construction” or “build a better you” theme… does anyone have some cute construction-themed clipart or sayings? Like the back to school one with “pencils and erasers”, but instead it’s “foundations”, “paints” (color cosmetics) or “remodeling” (microdermabrasion)? Also could run the flyers by construction companies, to promote holiday gift services to the spouses?

    My brain is over-flowing with ideas now, so I gotta get to bed, and get to work on this in the morning!

  10. Pink Biz

    Hi Zalea, just work from the current MK holiday catalog. My advise is to NOT spend time creating a flier or anything else for that matter. Your time is too valuable to reinvent the wheel. Mary Kay has everything we need at our fingertips. You can get one person to do a catalog party, and another person to do an online party. With our entire catalog online, it’s so easy! Remember, the eye buys! Themes (like a hardware theme) take time to put together and usually will not generate any more sales than if you go ahead and “just do it” (like NIKE says).

    The holiday season is already here! People are buying for themselves (to me from me), and for others. Your gas tank needs to be full and your cupboards need to be full. Take this opportunity to run right now, TODAY NOT TOMORROW, and don’t look back! Take PRE-paid orders only!! Don’t spend the money—place the order. Be a woman of your word! Get active and get with it! You have the best right in front of you, and can make anything happen when you become determined that things WILL be better. Take God as your partner too!! HE is there for the asking! Go make it a great day!!!!!!

  11. Hey Zalea,

    I agree with Pink Biz–don’t spend time on a flier. Take orders from the Look Book or Beauty Book. If you have some samples, just take a basket of samples to your coworker(s).

    If you are having trouble making ends meet right now, hold off on the order. There are 16 days left in October. That’s plenty of time to sell $400 retail to place your $200 order by the end of the month. See where you stand in 2 weeks and then maybe you can decide if ordering now or waiting and signing a new agreement is the best thing to do. Has it been a full year since your last order or are you just entering T status? If November is your first month in T status, you can still get active in November if need be (without signing a new agreement).
    Right now, focus on activity and getting the orders. Set your goal to do this in October. Work with focus and determination and you will meet the goal! You can do it! πŸ™‚

  12. kahni

    You can do it, Zalea! This business works when we work. And it is an instant payday, so you can go to the grocery store with whatever you sell over your $200 to reactivate!! You can do this!!

  13. purplekisses

    I will say one more time that I agree with everyone else that you shouldn’t do the flyer right now but… I want to encourage you that the idea for that flyer is absolutely fabulous!

    Just because you’re not doing it right now doesn’t mean you can’t later… write all those great ideas down in a notebook and put them into play when you can…

    keep pushing forward… you know just when you feel like you cant take it anymore your breakthrough comes!

  14. Zalea: I would definetly ask HR about that, and let everyone in the office know you will be placing an order by Oct 31, do they need anything? You should at least sell $200 retail and can use 100 to place the order and 100 to order satin hands or something. But I know you can sell more to make that extra cash you need.

    There is a gift giving flier in the file box…it won’t take much time to just tweak it to say exactly what you want if you download it. πŸ™‚

  15. Mkgyrl

    I have a questions for anyone.. I am consultant I decided to mail out excutive letter for christmas buying to like my doctors office and some other places.. I need a script to follow up on to see if they recieved them or to get an appointment for 10-15 mins. Could anyone help me with this? I would be grateful for your help thanks a million

  16. Zalea

    thank you for that advice, you’re right that I need to focus on the basics and get those back on track before I try anything too fancy….I am asking HR as soon as she is back from her trip (a couple of days) and will be printing up halloween coupons for handing out around town the next 2 weeks, and to the trick-or-treater’s parents… ($5 redeemable at your first facial, and $10 if you hold a class on the original date with 1 booking?)
    I do know from before that I put a 2 week deadline on anything seasonal sale or coupons, because if they hold them longer they’re not as likely to order.
    If they do call after that, then I’ll just romance the heck out of them with great customer service!

  17. Sounds like you have a good plan, Zalea! Good luck!

    MKgyrl–I have some executive gift giving files. I can email them to MK Rules tonight and she can add them to the box file on here (if that’s OK, MKR!). πŸ™‚

  18. Zalea

    mkgyrl, how about “Hi, this is ____, Independent Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Is (adressee or manager, etc.) available?
    I recently contacted your business by mail about the executive gift services I am offering this season. I have several popular choices available for clients and employees in different price ranges, and will also custom design a gift basket for a more personalized touch. I would love to get together with you for a brief meeting during the next week to show you some samples of our products. ”

    (if yes, tell them will only take 15-20 min, scedule it, and repeat the day & time at least once before closing the call.
    if no, try overcoming the objection by being open in your schedule, emphasizing on-the-go simplicity, and leave them with your number and website so they can preview online and call you back.)

    Congrats on taking the leap and branching out! you guys inspire me to keep trying too!

  19. Mkgyrl

    Thank you so much for all your help!!! This a huge leap for me I am going to start call right away. Thanks for the faith everyone

  20. Zalea:

    I would offer more than $10 if they are gonna hold a class. Perhaps $10 free with facial and $10 more for each additional face who joins them?

    I always try to think if I would hold a party for what I am offering. I don’t think I’d do a pampered chef party or anything for $10 credit. We have to be willing to give a bit more to get classes. You will more than cover the costs at the class.

    The $10 credit might work if you did $75 for $35 with $10 additional free when one person books a class from that one. ?? What do y’all think?

  21. Dara

    Could a Consultant build and maintain a solid Unit doing just facials? Single or dbl? . It’s a given that it would take more time than doing classes BUT- if she was willing to take that time… could she be successful? Does anyone know a Director who got there and stays there primarily through facials?.

  22. Dara

    And when I say doing facials I don’t mean doing just 2 or three a week. I’m talking about designating 2 – 3 days a week and scheduling let’s say 2 – 3 preferably dbl facials on each days. In other words, a Consultant would do the numbers, it would just be in much smaller groups.

  23. Pink Biz

    I’ve read of a couple of consultants/directors who had set in stone their choice of designated days and times for scc’s, say three per week, on their datebooks. Even one (now) NSD Yvonne Lemmon did all three classes on Saturday only of each and every single week without fail. She then worked all week on getting women to those three classes on Saturday.

    All the consultants concentrated on asking women to come and bring ONE girlfriend to attend. At the scheduled appointments, three different women would show with one girlfriend each, totaling six women at the appointments — which was their goal per scheduled scc.

    This was the routine they adopted for themselves in getting a class formed. They did not work effortlessly in trying to get one woman to have two to five guests at her scc. Personally, I liked their approach in scheduling, and particularly liked the fact that their classes were set and they did not waiver from it. Every week was the same time, same day for their classes. They worked a routine for themselves that they could commit to with consistency. They did not work with hostess credit, but rather the $amt free to facial and $amt free to bring a friend. From there, they scheduled additional classes with these women. A nice way of adapting and doing business.

    See, I feel Mary Kay gives us great education and guidelines for structuring scc’s. From there, these consultants took it a step further and made it work for them. Just remember, that it’s all about FACES. The more faces you see and get the product on the face, the more your business will increase in all aspects. With that focus, the numbers game will work. No time devoted to fliers and sales gimmicks. Just working the numbers in how many NEW FACES are seen. That’s the way this business was intended. We have to feed the funnel to both create and to stay in the business. **smiles**

  24. Dara

    Pink Biz- THANK YOU for posting your reply. I just want simplicity. I’m tired of trying to figure out booking gimmicks, dialogues and Hostess plans in order to try to get the Hostess to have even as little as 2 guests at her SCC.

    I ve been thinking alot about my business lately and how I can bring back the joy that I used to have. In my efforts to follow a prescribed formula for success I’ve gotten away from all of the reasons that I came into MK in the first place. Yes classes will get me to my goals quicker but doing single and dbl facials as I did when I started 5 years ago really brought me joy and was much less stressful.

    I do have 3 questions for you:

    1.) Did they hold their appts in one location
    2.) Do they give a gift certificate to both the
    facialee AND to the guest that she brings
    3.) What amount do they give?

  25. kahni

    Hello, Dara. Just a few comments from the peanut gallery here:

    My sales director is a very successful Ex. Sr. Director and if I am not mistaken, I believe she has only done MAYBE 100 classes at the most in her going on 20-year career. She built her car team and unit with facial activity ONLY. She promotes classes to the unit, but she personally prefers facials.

    Not only that, but she is 100% opposed to discounting the product, except for discontinued items, of course. She uses no gimmics and sells it for full price. The only thing she will give away is the free product the company gives consultants for $400+ orders. She has great success with prospects having a mom, sister or friend at her facials b/c she simply states, “You are welcome to have your mom, sister, daughter or friend join you, if that will make you feel more comfortable.”

    My director gets so irritated with me b/c I waste so much time on finding the right tactic. She says it is simple – just get off your keester and do it!!

  26. Dara

    Kahni- Those “peanuts” were very mcuh appreciated and delicious too, lol

  27. Mkgyrl

    Kahni my director call me this morning and had a heart to heart with me and told me the same thing.. She told me that I am the best student now it time to put the plays into action… She wants me to grow for all the seed that have been planted inside of me.. and you know I can’t disagree with her.. ok but enough on that… I need help I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I started calling from the excutive ltr that I sent out.. and I am getting slam when I call to ask for the office manager they tell me that they are not taking any solicted calls.. What I am to do. I am not sure how to get through to them.. I just wanted to offer my services. Do anyone know how to get around this objection?

  28. Mkgyrl: This is not the only or best way to work your business. It is one avenue of income. You need to mix that with classes from classes, fishbowls, referrals, etc. Then when one doesn’t work out, you won’t be so disappointed. Having our eggs all in one basket can set us up to be disappointed.

    Dara: I think someone could work on only facials…this is actually how they do things with Avon. They focus on one on one. I prefer classes simply because I have a very limited schedule and can still talk to them one on one in the close. They also are more fun.

    When I book from referrals or fishbowls, I say “You won $25 in free MK…when is a good time to get together to pick out your stuff? Weekday or weekend, etc.” I book it. Then I add, “I could give you $50 free if you were to have 3 friends with you and a special gift if 5 ladies come. Would you prefer to get $25 free or 50 and a gift?”

    This turns most of the facials into classes. I do the large amounts because I would not get together for $10 or invite friends over for only $20 free. I try to think of it like that. If someone is dying for $10 free in MK, they probably aren’t too well off and won’t buy anything.

  29. Pink Biz

    Dara said: I do have 3 questions for you:

    1.) Did they hold their appts in one location–YES, for example, the women came to Yvonne Lemmon’s location held at a training center.

    2.) Do they give a gift certificate to both the
    facialee AND to the guest that she brings–TO THE FACIALEE…one for each of them upon arrival. Once scheduled, she immediately mailed a reminder card thanking them for their upcoming appointment. She stayed in front of them with the mailout and a follow up phone call mentioned on the mailout.

    3.) What amount do they give?–$10 FOR EACH (remember they book out from this appointment, color appt 45 min before her scc). NOTE: The now hostess will have done her skin care and be ready when you arrive to apply a color look of her choice for all those at the scc to see!

    Added info: Yvonne Lemmon told us while a guest speaker at our training center that she overbooked women knowing there would be cancellations. She depended on booking a fourth woman to bring a friend at each appointment because the odds of cancellation are a given.

  30. Pink Biz

    Dara, my answer on No. 1 was correct…Yvonne Lemmon…held the sessions at her training center as a consultant.

    My answers on No. 2 and No. 3 was from one of her spin off directors visiting our center too.

    I just re-read my notes and realized this!

  31. Pink Biz

    kahni said: Ex. Sr. Director 100% opposed to discounting the product, except for discontinued items.

    OMG, me too! I learned years ago not to discount our product. Instead, give unsurpassed customer service! Participate in PCP, and give a birthday discount. Don’t work hard in this business and lose your profit. If anyone is always holding a sale—STOP IT!!! You only teach your customers that they can wait and buy it from the next sale. Dazzle and romance them with excitement of the benefits of our products, the PCP gift waiting for them, our 100% guarantee, excellent customer service (which we must provide!), and a fabulous seasonal look each quarter! Make the entire profit and enjoy the benefits of the retail side of business. Otherwise, you lose out in more ways than one. Just like you’ve heard…treat it like a business and customers will come to respect you when you respect them enough to deliver both a quality service and a quality product. Be A Business Woman!!!!! ***Hugs everyone!***

  32. Zalea

    Pink Biz, I like that 10 for each idea. I hate to give away free or discount if i don’t have to, since I need to focus on faces and profits for a while to get myself back in the boat. I might tell warm-chatter single facials something like ” I will have a free gift for you at your facial, but if you would like to share the fun with a sister or girlfriend, I will give you a $10 Gift Certificate for each person you bring, plus I’ll have a gift for each guest also.”

    I would do the hostess gift as a travel-sized set or a discontinued item, plus the current company gift if sales are 200+, and the guest gifts be samplers in pretty bags, with a few hostess packets on hand for those that want to schedule their own.

  33. colleen

    I dont want to be the bearer of bad news here. I just want to be realistic so if someone is disagreeing with what I have to say please feel free I wont be offended. Yvonne Lemmon and some of these women have husbands and had great careers and are well disciplined. Some of the women who come into MK and dont get the business going is NOT because they are lazy!!! Its a bit easier for some women to get their business going because they already have the car or the house and people look at them like they are already successful and some of them are. When it comes to doing the facials or the classes Im tempted to think the reason some women dont do it is because they live in an apartment or they are single moms and dont have the backup of the husband or the boyfriend therefore they are afraid to approach women who seem to have it all. These suggestions are great for women who have good jobs and a stable family. Im not trying to bring the thread down and even one NSD (Joanne Barnes) said that she only did 3 women at a time in a class and facials she said she didnt like having 5 or six women there. I say all this to say (and although I dont fit in this category personally) do you all have any advice for the type of woman Im talking about. They want MK and really need it but dont have the credit or the family base so they can hold 3 classes a week. I know that they can start off with the showcase but I know for a fact there are women sitting behind their computer on the net because they dont feel they have the panache or the look if you will to succeed I think we should address their concerns as well. If there is anyone here (unless it should be another thread) who could address the lower income issue I think there would be more people we could help and who would participate on this board. I wanted to say this for a long time but I didnt want to offend anyone. Ill end this by saying if someone wants anything bad enough they will work for it but if there is an individual who will have more obstacles due to these types of situations I think it would be good to address them as well and there are many (no car, no bank account, no husband or access to credit, abuse problems…etc) Im not asking these women to name themselves if they are looking Im just asking that we should have a thread about it.

  34. kahni

    Dara: lol (how cute are you?) For the record, I like both classes and facials. Classes are where the high dollars come from, but every customer is different and each has different preferences. Some need the one-on-one personal time and go on to recruit. The down side of that, as many NSDs have pointed out, is that they go on to only do facials in their business, which can be very limiting, if they have extreme time constraints like our awesome blog hostess, mkrules has. πŸ™‚ Classes are a better use of mkrules’ extremely tight schedule.

    One NSD, Kelly McCarroll, did very complicated full-circle classes to get to her coveted position. We all bring our unique blend of experiences and fortes to our buisnesses. I say, find YOUR need and fill it, that way you can find other women’s need and fill theirs. *Hugs*

    MKGyrl: As for the executive gift service, I agree with MKRules. If anyone has read any recent pop culture books about achieving a millionaire lifestyle (and who doesn’t?), you must diversify your portfolio. If all your eggs are in one basket, you are risking 100% loss.

    However, there is a great solution to the gatekeeper in every office. She is NOT your adversary, she is a potential ally. The solution is as Mary Kay Ash used to preach: “Sell the Sizzle!”

    This year I’m planning on making a boatload of cash at Christmas time using the executive gift service mkrules reminded me of in the weekly group chat. (Thanks MKR!!)

    I have a winning history with them, so I’ve simply re-used my great plan:

    I’ve purchased one of those $20 balloon kits and have made up bouquets for each office manager (of people I already do business with, as well as ones I think look interesting). What I attach to the bouquet is a glitzy gift box full of goodies for her to share with the office staff (candy, product samples, books). No one can resist the dramatic flair of it all.

    Then, once I have her attention, I look her in the eye and while smiling, I tell her I have good news. I have a special executive portfolio just for her and a wrapped full-size product gift. She always said, “Yes.” What the ‘portfolio’ consists of is price points and time savers. And the best thing — I’ve got five office orders this week alone!! *Hugs* πŸ˜‰

  35. kahni

    colleen: I apologize in advance for my rant…you are a sweetheart and I am not ranting at you… *hugs*

    THE one woman who was the most unlikely successful consultant in the world who comes to mind is Rena Tarbet. Rena was about as poor as poor can get. But, Rena is a fighter in every way. Rena doesn’t have pity (potties) parties like so many of us do. And she is the first to say that this business is not built on the exception, but the rule.

    If people’s lives are that big of a mess, then there is not much we can do to help them. I am such a softie that I’ve gotten pulled down into the danger zone by ‘drowning’ people because they were not in a place to do anything but drown.

    Rena found a way. I found a way. BUT no one was able to help me until I was willing to fight for my OWN life. Most people in our society today have to hit below rock bottom before they are willing to admit their mistakes and change.

    Rena doesn’t coddle anyone: She doesn’t have time to. We can throw ideas to these ladies all day long, but we cannot get them to move. The best idea I have is to offer to take these ladies with us to our appointments, or encourage them to shadow a leader, because eventually, they will grow tired of watching us make all the money. πŸ™‚

  36. Dara

    Colleen excuse my rant as well, but I strongly believe that the ONLY things that stop a woman are her desire and work ethic. I’ve heard many, many, many stories in which the NOW top Director and NSD started with NOTHING. No credit, no car, no money, no significant other – in fact, on the MKACF Domestic Abuse video, the one Director that was profiled not only had none of those things, she didn’t even have a home when she started working!!!!

    Colleen I don’t don’t if you are raising those issues because you deal with it or you know someone else who does. Whatever the case, sometimes when we feel so strongly about something, we can project those feelings onto other people. Case in point, my weight issues ( I wrote about them in another thread). Because I felt ashamed of my weight, I had assumed that other people wouldn’t want to do business with me.

    So no car?, Have them come to you, invite guests to the Unit mtg. No money for starter inventory? Take orders at your appts. and ask for payment up front (a lot of companies do) or at least half down. No husband? Is this an issue because of child care? If so, could you do lunch time appts. or again use the Unit meeting or share childcare costs with someone else.

    The only thing that stops any of us (including me with my cute “fluffy” self:-) is desire, work ethic and may I add, a little creativity!

  37. Colleen:

    I know you mean well, but I think if a woman has $100 and can do a power start (not in her home, in her clients homes) then she is good to go!

    Only in a very small town would people know if you had a large house or not. Personally, I live in an apartment and it doesn’t set me back a bit. Being single can have advantages, like you don’t have anyone to say “Honey, can’t you just cancel this class and stay home with me…?” LOL!

    Credit is no issue either. Although it is great to start with inventory, with a little more work, it can be done without it. And if someone wants to, and I mean REALLY wants to, they will do it with or without already being successful or having good credit.

    This is where IMAGE comes in. You don’t have to be rich or married to a rich man to look nice and attract people. All you have to do is look your best, whether that be from a skirt and shirt from Wal-mart or Saks Fifth Avenue makes no difference! I think this is how we “fake it til we make it”. Even if we go home to a small apartment (like me), we can act successful at our classes to attract successful people. Everyone starts somewhere. πŸ™‚

  38. P.S. I really love Rena and can’t wait for her retreat on FRIDAY!!! (I am going…) πŸ˜€

  39. colleen

    Rena is my National!!! By the way I want to thank all of you for your answers!! I did post that because I know two people who felt the way I posted. I never thought about the being single angle MK Rules thanks for that. I DO NOT feel that you all were giving me a rant I really do value this board…thanks for being kind. I was hoping that I would not come off as negative because Im known to be a positive person.

  40. Pink Biz

    Dara says: I just want simplicity. I’m tired of trying to figure out booking gimmicks, dialogues and Hostess plans in order to try to get the Hostess to have even as little as 2 guests at her SCC.

    Pink Biz: You heard my heart on this did you?!! lol! Ooh, if I could highlight one word there, it would be simplicity! I am so glad that you posted your feelings. The MANY hostess plan and booking raz-ma-taz suggestions (before Corp designed an outline on Intouch) drove me absolutely batty! I couldn’t even rationalize a solid approach with my (then) team members. I finally just took hold of a suggestion that jumped out at me, and filed the rest of the suggestions away for future reference. Yo, what else could a girl do?!?! I learned to stick with one concept of my liking (ignoring all others) until I decided it was not working as well as I would like for it to. Only then did I make changes. It became my way to ease the mental flow of con-fu-sion. BTW, I have “fluff” too, but what I learned there is that it’s not about me, it’s all about them. My skin has never been the most perfect by far either, but I can romance the heck out of these products, and make my customers feel like a million in their own eyes. I can do that because I believe in what I do, and I believe that women are especially wonderful creations of our Lord God. They are simply the best! My joy is in working with people and rendering a service.

  41. Thank you all for your advice. The Executive gift buy is just one of the things I am working on. I just thought it would work for me this season since I never tried it before, But I am also doing a professional women portfolio. I have gotten some good responds back from this. I am excited, I went on this networking group in my area and I ask some of the ladies there and they are more than willing to help. So I am following up with that..But thanks for reminding me that I have to have myself spread out.. Its so funny that you talk on that my adoptee director told us to do that on Tues night. she actually taught on NSD Diana Sumpter 7 Day Booking Blitiz. I am trying some of the things so taught on. I would love to have a $1000 week.

  42. Dara

    This is just a test, I’m experimenting with emoticons




  43. Dara

    Hey, howdja do that?

  44. Pink Biz



  45. Shay

    I just found this blog, and even though I am not in MK (or any other skin care company), I am in another type of company and I really love some of the ideas you have here in this thread!

    Great ideas help everyone in every company – you ladies are truly a blessing!

    Thank you!

  46. Donna Boren

    To those who work full time besides their Mary Kay career: How do you schedule your business around your family and j.o.b.? Most evenings when I arrive home from work, do the dinner thing, and the endless laundry, then the last thing I want to do is get on the phone. I believe if I could just schedule better I can do what I need to do to get where I want to get to in my business. I am tired of where I am and want to do better. Any suggestions? Do you set aside certain days you are going to work? Is the Weekly Plan Sheet working for someone out there? Please share your thoughts and suggestions.

  47. Zalea

    I’m probably in no position to give advice since i’m disorganized as well, but here’s a thought…
    if your work situation allows, set a goal to make 3-5 calls during your lunch break (write a list the night before and put in your purse)
    or make a deal with your support people (kids, hubby, friends, etc.) to come help with a task in exchange for something (extra spending money if the kids do their own laundry, if hubby does dishes, watch his favorite show or give a footrub, have a girlfriend help organize your closet, then treat her to a girl’s night out, etc.)

    I had trouble realizing that people enjoy sharing time with you when you make yourself available, but that hiding behind chores, nitpicks, and preconceived notions of what needs to be done can close you off from a lot of potential happiness.

    Try putting the laundry in before dinner, fold after while listening to the news or your favorite radio station or helping kids with homework, and then set aside 1/2 or 1 hour (tape or dvr that sitcom you “can’t” miss) just for calling leads and organizing your mk…

    multitask when you can, like bringing a guest to meetings, making calls during a break, etc., and then be sure to set aside a little time to relax and just be you, whether it’s your morning coffee, a walk after dinner, or getting to the mall once in a while. rewarding yourself will make it easier to stay on task, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t stick to plan 100%. Habits take time to stick.

  48. Hey Donna,

    Zalea made some great points!

    I work 40 hrs/wk. No children, but I have a dog and a husband who both demand a lot of time. πŸ˜‰ Like you, the last thing I want to do when I get home from work is get on the phone–especially since my job is talking on the phone. I make most of my business calls on Sundays. I block out 7-9 p.m. as my “Power Hours.” I find most people are home at this time.

    To keep on track, I have my entire datebook highlighted. It’s color-coded. I also use the Weekly Plan Sheet and highlight that. I post the WPS on my fridge so hubby can see it. I write his stuff on there, too so he doesn’t feel left out. I use this color code:

    Blue = J-O-B 😦
    Pink = MK Office/Meeting Times
    Green = IPA Time
    Orange = Hubby Time (yea, he feels special that he has his own color)
    Yellow = My alone time–very scarce!

    Highlight your datebook and mark up your schedule. Don’t be afraid to have your personal agenda in there with your MK agenda. It’s OK to mix it–it lets your customers know you have a life, too. πŸ˜‰

    Once you determine your schedule, stick to it! Sometimes things will happen and the schedule won’t go as planned. It’s OK!!! Don’t panic. πŸ™‚ You will recover and get back on track. Sometimes, life happens and goals won’t be met. Focus on the positives and that will keep you moving forward–even through the rough spots.

    If I can’t reach someone during my Sunday calling hours, I try reaching them during the week on my lunch break. I put everyone I meet who gives me an address onto my PCP Mailing List. This way, if I can’t talk to them live, I have that mailer contact. You’d be amazed how effective that Look Book can be!

    I talk to a lot of my co-workers and many of them are my customers so I just talk to them in person. I hold appointments on Saturdays. If someone wants a weekday appointment, I urge them to come to my meetings. If a co-worker wants an appointment, I do classes on Saturdays. If they want a one on one, they can come to meeting OR we can do a fast facial at the office after hours. This has been working for me so far.

    The key is to be consistent. I work very part time, but I have found that when I work consistently and persistently, I profit nicely. πŸ™‚

  49. Oh! I thought of something else! If you are pressed for time and looking for an hour or two hours is scary to you πŸ˜‰ try this:

    Make 5 calls per day. It doesn’t matter what the results are per say, just make 5 dial attempts each day. Make a game of it. Use 5 pennies and one nickel. Make a goal to do 5 calls OR one booking. Each time you dial and get a “no,” an answering machine, or someone other than your contact; take away a penny. If someone books an appointment, take away the nickel and call it a day! Do this every day. So, some days you might use up all 5 pennies. Other days you might use 2 pennies and the nickel. Get it? I love that one. πŸ™‚

  50. Donna:

    I work full time, too. I have Mondays and Thursdays off, as well as Saturday afternoons (work at 6 pm) and Sunday afternoons (work at 5:30 pm).

    My schedule goes like this:
    Monday –Off work…can hold bookings at anytime (hostess + 3 only…no facials) and make booking calls if I do not have a booking that night. I call for one hour or until I run out of leads to call.

    Tuesday –work 2 shifts at the restaurant with a break from about 3 to 5. Sometimes I check my fishbowl at this time or make coaching calls to hostesses.

    Wed –work 2 shifts again. Same deal as Tues.

    Thurs –Off work. Can have one booking (again hostess +3 or more) in the afternoon, meeting at night. Facials come with me to meeting.

    Friday –Work 2 shifts (see why I want to be a director???). Sometimes make calls in between for hostess coaching.

    Saturday –Hold a class in the afternoon from 2-4pm. If no class, make calls to book from referrals. One Saturday a month is for those who cannot make meeting to be facialed at my home all at once as a class. Work at 6pm.

    Sunday –Hold a class from 2-4 pm. If no class, make calls to book from referrals. Work at 5:30 pm.

    Is this a lot? Yeah. But I want to keep doing a lot so I can quit my job and do this full time. I can do it if I stick to the schedule.

  51. Hi Donna,

    This is something that worked for me while I was still doing this.
    I bring my list of people to call all the time.
    I used to make calls at lunchtime. After my lunch, I go to the car (or somewhere private) and book. When I get home, sometimes I stay in the car for another 5-10 minutes and try to reach someone. When I prepare dinner, the list was always on the counter so when I get that 5-10 minutes of waiting time, I make a call. When I bring the kids to their activities, I make a couple of calls. Sometimes I get to them, sometimes I don’t but at the end of the day, I know that I have done something. You’ll be surprised because most of the times, I realize that I don’t have enough names to call. Then you start to think on how to get more names. Then you get more names. Then you book more… etc.

    On weeknights, I do my facials/classes at home. On weekends, I try to book my Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Of course, I mix it up sometimes.

  52. purplekisses

    Hello all… i havent been on for a while… you know… life happens… anyhoo… i need help again!

    I have “Gifts Galore” party scheduled two weeks from now and I am trying to get together some advertisement that will look good enough to be on hard copy… does anyone have any good resources for that? Im desperate!

  53. Purple Kisses:

    Go on Intouch and look under education. There are resources to teach you how to make fliers using various computer programs. πŸ™‚

  54. purplekisses

    Hi Ladees! i totally checked out the resources and picked up a few pointers… but what i wanted to share was that i ended up at VistaPrint and ordered personalized invitations for free! Its just the price of shipping. I knew they did business cards but I had no idea how many other printing products they offer… if you havent already definitely go check it out! There is even an option for them to mail things out for you! That made me really happy!!!

    Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

  55. anonymous2

    How would you handle this? I’m entitling this “Directors Behaving Badly”

    In the last few months or so my “A” Director has developed the VERY bad habit of talking negatively about different Unit members to other Unit members, with specific attention to one in particular. She makes negative comments about her work ethic, attitudes, even her dress. At first I thought she was just saying these things to me ( as an adoptee, I often hear things from Directors that I shouldn’t) but several incidents made me realize that she was saying these things to several of her Unit members. I’ll give you just one example. We were at a retreat a little bit ago that we had to travel quite a distance to get to. This particular Unit member had to get out of the Car to use the bathroom and while she was out the Director turned to us with the words “Before___ gets back” and she then started in on her! Ive heard her do this before but this was just so.. bad

    The bottom line is that I no longer trust her. I know that if she is saying these things about others TO me, she’s saying things to others ABOUT me. I’ve also told her some things in confidence, one about my NSD and during the drive home form the retreat, she actally told the other Consultants in the car.

    I’ve told you all before that there is no where else for me to go, she is the only game in town. Should I say someting to her or just keep my mouth shut when she starts up. I’m ashamed to admit that I joined in on the negative conversations 😦

  56. Oh man! Well, although you may have joined in at times, at least you have come to terms with the fact that this is wrong.

    My advice would be to write her an e-mail saying YOU feel bad for things YOU’VE said to take the accussation off the “A” Director, but send the message that you don’t want to talk like this about anyone anymore. That way, if she does still engage in this act, it most likely will not be around you.

    My feeling is that she does this because she has nothing else to talk about or perhaps it makes her feel “closer” to those she is gossiping with. In any case, good for you for taking a stand and knowing that this is a problem. I was going to suggest a new “A” Director…even if you have to travel to the next town for meeting. If she doesn’t stop, you still might consider that.

    Any other ideas on this?

  57. I like MK Rules’ suggestions. I think also, that next time she tries to engage you in gossip, don’t respond to it. You may want to say something to her at that point. Just say something like, “I don’t feel comfortable with this topic.” Also, I don’t blame you at all for putting up your guard when opening up. The office where I work is filled with gossip. It’s a gossip colony! lol Typically, when I’m approached with gossip, I don’t respond. I give a blank look or just say, “oh.” My refusal to add to the dish, is usually a pretty clear sign I don’t want to participate in gossip. Just my approach. πŸ˜‰

  58. Hi everyone,

    I am new to the site and now 2 years into the business. I wanted to ask you all where you go to get your best leads for both sales and recruiting? I love all of your advice regarding your WPS/Scheduling, it is very helpful. I am trying to get into DIQ by March 1st (as I am having surgery in January and will be slower in January). Thanks for any advice! Good Luck!

  59. kahni

    My best leads advice, Blissfullymk, is to think of everyone who gets money from you and to try to find a way to get a contact there. You might start by paying your electric bill in person (once you are recovered from surgery) and hand the cashier a brightly wrapped sample gift and schedule her for an appointment. You might contact the agent you used to buy your house and offer her (or his wife a pampering session. Insurance Agent for Valentine’s Day gifting, etc… Chiropractor, doctor, dentist… Kids’ teachers. Other parents. Having some sort of existing relationship works best.

    Other than that, I’ve heard many an NSD say she “gifted” her way to the top. And that means buying some handcream samples, using Section 1 products that have been phased out, wrapping them beautifully and handing them out daily with booked appointments. You can find scripts for this method on most directors’ websites.

    I don’t belive in luck…so God Bless!

  60. Mk604

    Hi girls this is gonna be a real tough one and j need all the help I can get. I would ask the girls in my unit but I really don’t want to bring anyone down. Last year I began my Mk business. I was planning my huge weddjg becuase his huge extended family and ended up taking 5 months off my full time job because of stress. I was then diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I didn’t do anything Mk except the meetings. I did Mk afterthe wedding and was very successful but went back to my dreaded ft job where I make good money. I have been trying to balance it all to eventually make A career change. But my heAlth is sufferring. I am constAlantly tired. I cAn barely open my eyes after a one to one after my ft job. I’ve gained 20 pounds which I can’t shave off. I take naps during my lunch break everyday. I get manic episodes (despite medication) when I get the ball running w Mk but deeply crash and get depressed for a week after a pet down. I’ve put so much investment into my inventory but racked $6000 without the right amt of inventory to show for it. When I get depressed I can’t do the business for a week which greatly effects my sales. Maybe I’m going through a depressed mode because I had a manic episode. Maybe I’m going through the withdrawl phase of the feelings wheel… All I know is it’s bringing my health down and I don’t know f I can manage a balanced life doing everything that I do. Suggestions? Concerns? Support?! I don’t wantto give up I’ve never given up on Anything. Taking care of me And my bipolar is so aggrravating.

  61. What’s Going down i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve found It absolutely useful and it has aided me out loads. I hope to contribute & assist different customers like its helped me. Great job.

  62. I just found this site, and it’s so inspiring! I just began doing business a few weeks ago, and I’m a bit intimidated. Having absolutely no vision doesn’t help. I’m always hearing about nice color codes and convenient expiration date locations, but I can’t see them, so thinking up solutions is a small job in itself. Still, I’m looking forward to building a good business with a good product. I am sad this site seems to be inactive. I’d love to meet all the girls here. I do hope one of them sees this and gets the group back together. Cheers!

  63. Thanks for a marvelous posting! I definitely enjoyed reading it, you
    happen to be a great author.I will be sure to
    bookmark your blog and may come back down the road. I want to encourage continue your great work, have a nice evening!

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