Are you wild about something great in your business today? Crow about it here!


55 responses to “Wild!

  1. I’m wild about all the booth events I am setting up and the new women I will be meeting! 🙂

  2. anonymous

    I just wrapped up 2nd month of Vibe production with 8 active team members and over $9000 in production! My goal is to finish the Vibe in October AND go into DIQ November 1st!

  3. Rock on, anon! 🙂 That is awesome!

  4. colleen

    Anonymous that is great Im so happy for you!!
    That gives me some hope..LOL

  5. I have just got to tell you guys, Anon really does her classes, closes, etc the right way. I know you will make an awesome director!

  6. anonymous

    Thanks you guys! You all are the best!

  7. Thanks, Dana Ann! Yours is pretty cute, too! 😉

  8. I am so wild about the new leads I can call tomorrow!!!! 😀

  9. kahni

    We are cheering for you Ms. Anon!! You are rockin’!!

  10. Mkgyrl

    Ms. Anon, You Go Girl !

  11. I’m wild about sales and bookings! Have a delivery today and at lunch I’m going to put a class in my datebook! 😀

  12. Mkgyrl

    I am wild about my sales from my executive gift services and sells for this week.

  13. Doh! Didn’t get the booking yet, but I have the Holiday Hostess gift and I’m going to bring that tomorrow. I’ll book it soon! 😀

  14. Donna Boren

    I am attending my unit’s Fall Retreat tomorrow evening and Saturday. I am looking forward to coming home and getting to work!

  15. Alright. I’ve got some things to go wild about!

    1. I reconnected with a past customer and she ordered $67!
    2. I booked an appointment for next Thursday!
    3. 3 people want to order Bella!
    4. Talked a little bit about the business with a friend. 🙂

  16. I am WILD about:

    1. That all you have so much to crow about!!!!
    2. Rena’s retreat!!! Woo hoo!
    3. 7 appointments I booked from my booth and fishbowl all to be held within 2 weeks!! 🙂

  17. colleen

    Wow I have a person that wants to get Bella in a week (when she gets paid) I sent her my website and I have a new power partner!!!!

  18. MK Rules–You rock!

    Colleen–excellent work!

  19. I just found this site a few days ago and am very happy about it!! Just wanted to share that I am super excited that I have three booth events and a open house coming up in the next month!

  20. kahni

    Great job, ladies!

  21. I’m wild about having 10 on my books within the next 2 weeks and the momentum I will be building!!! Woo hoo!

  22. pink bren

    MK.. you are rocking girl.

  23. I have a class tonight at 7 with a hostess (new face) and 5 guests! 🙂 I am still gonna do this power start!

  24. Jeanette

    I’m wild about finishing up my goal to see 10 faces this month! I’m almost there (2 to go) and it’s only the 22nd:)

  25. I’m wild about my booth event coming up in December and getting some more scheduled! 😀

  26. Yea! You got one going!!! Way to go, chica!!!!

  27. Thanks! I forgot to mention I’m wild about my booking for tomorrow night! 😀

  28. I’m wild about my facial tomorrow and my 5 guests to meeting for MK bingo! 🙂

  29. I’m wild about the $100+ facial I just held and the order/potential booking I got through Facebook! 😀

  30. Awesome facial, Shades! Way to go!

    I am wild about my 4 guests that came to MK Bingo and are thinking about signing onto my team! They are all coming to MKU on Nov 3rd with me as well as another guest I have lined up! DIQ here I come!

  31. Awesome! My facial from last night is exactly $100. She wants more so we’re going to do a class so she can earn some hostess credit. 😉

  32. I’m wild about my 5 new classes booked for November and 2 facials! Also, I’m wild about my new customer punch card program …more about that later!

  33. Can’t wait to read all about it!

  34. Dara- 0 IPA's so far

    Okay guys- I don’t have anything YET to report on… but I will! I recieved an email fwd from a friend with a message from motivational speaker Sean Smith entitled ” Stop Focusing on Results so that you can achieve more”. Boy did this message speak to me! So in light of that message I sat down and made up new Dara IPA’s 🙂 (D.I.P.A’s?) that are effort based, IPA’s that are only based on things I can control, not on what others have to do or say. So my goal starting tomorrow, is to do 100 DIPA’s by Dec.31. I will give you my progress reports in my signature.. You all are the most supportive people on the ‘Net so is it okay if I shamelessly ask for your support now? Thank Guys- You all Rock!!.

    BTW-Each No.# completed counts as ONE DIPA- Ex.: 3 booking attempt calls, 10 dials and 3 Unit invites = 3 DIPA’s

    1.) 10 Dials
    2.) Make 3 booking attempt calls (Must speak to intended Contact)
    3) Ask 3 women for Interview appts
    4. Ask 3 women to be Unit meeting guests
    5. Make 3 Customer Care calls (Must speak to intended Contact)
    6.) Make 3 Follow-up/ General/CC calls
    7.) Ask 3 women for referral names
    8,) Mail 3 Thank You’s/ BB’s/PostCards
    9). Make 3 Coaching/Pre-profiling calls (Must speak to intended Contact)
    10.) Offer 3 women my business card and ask for name and number

  35. Thank you so much for posting this! Oh yes…that reminds me, I need to post that other article….

  36. I am WILD about the 2 classes I have on Saturday, the facial Saturday, and the 2 classes I have booked for Sunday! Woo hoo!

  37. kahni

    Woo Hoo! You go mkrules!! You’re da bomb, girl!!

  38. colleen

    Good for you MK Rules!!!

  39. Now I am wild about “Stockings for Soldiers”! I love helping!

  40. luvinmk

    I’m wild about my mini-boutique this weekend. I’ve joined with several other reps to have a one stop shopping spree in my home. So far, I have at least 20 of my own customers coming!! We are posting signs and have advertised to get the public to come in.

  41. I’m wild about Stockings for Soldiers, too! I told my director about it and she has spread the word to the unit. Maybe we’ll get lots of care packages out to the soldiers this month! 🙂

    luvinmk–your boutique sounds awesome! Best of luck with it! 😀

  42. kahni

    luvinmk – May you have a wonderful turnout this weekend at your event! 🙂

  43. Mkgyrl

    Hi everyone I am wild about my holiday coffee tomorrow. Please keep me in your prayer this is my first one!

  44. Have a great holiday coffee, mkgyrl!! 🙂

  45. luvinmk

    My mini boutique was successful. I booked two parties and got some contacts! I’m so excited! We are planning another one for the Spring.

  46. What is stockings for soldiers?

  47. BeePink

    I am wild about my booth event tomorrow. I hope it goes well it is the first one for me. Hope to get lots of leads.

  48. Bee Pink:

    How did the booth event go?

  49. I’m wild about my SCC this weekend and I’m wild about the booth events I have coming up! I have a mall event in December and a bridal show in January! My first bridal show! And it’s close to home! The mall event is not so close, but I’m thinking on the national level. 😀

  50. BeePink

    Hi, the booth was OK. I should have gone for the later time slot, because on Sunday things didnt really start picking up until 10. regardless I had one lady who had lost her customer and was out of stuff, so she ordered 176.00 worth of stuff. So I am totally wild about that. Also I got a few leads for facials, and for my business networking.
    I have a MOMS club christmas boutique tomorrow night I hope that goes great I am looking forward to that.
    Will let all of you know about it.

  51. Hey Guys! Something I learned long ago is that afternoon shifts on Sunday’s are better. Sunday morning booth traffic tends to be low because of Church attendance. 🙂

  52. I am WILD today about the $110 I made at the dentist office yesterday with a mouth full of novicain! LOL and the three bookings I have for next week! Small victories! I am looking forward to the new year and Director by CC!

  53. colleen

    Congratulations mini, you go girl!!!

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