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Is The Enemy Trying to Hold You Back?

You know, for those among us in MK who are religious, there is a semi-common idea that when we are facing obstacles, the “enemy” (aka Satan, evil, etc.) is attempting to hold you back from your dreams by making things a bit harder for you. Is the enemy trying to hold you back? Possibly. However, I have another theory on obstacles…I’m not trying to get into a spiritual debate here, but today I really was thinking about this.

Many times when we have obstacles, it comes from us repeating bad habits or patterns. For instance, if you have no bookings, it could be from a repeated habit of not getting new leads. If you have no sales, it could be from a repeated habit of poor closing. No time or money? Perhaps you mismanage it without realizing it.

It could also be that when we are having a hard time in life, the enemy is not trying to hold us back, but rather God is showing us that when we continue in our bad patterns we will continue to get the same result. If He does not make us see how things are unfulfilling as they are, how can we grow into everything we could be? If we do not desire more, we will not seek more. Perhaps God uses obstacles as a way to push us to desire a change and to seek personal and professional growth.

So is the enemy trying to hold you back? Or have you just not learned God’s lesson yet?



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“10 Tips for Balancing Work and Family Life”

As always, our priorities in MK are God First, Family Second, and Career Third. Whether or not these are your personal priorities, I think we all struggle at times to maintain a good balance between family time or other fun and work. This is a great article that has “The Top 10 Tips for Balancing Work and Family Life”.

The Top 10 Tips for Balancing Work/Family Life
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Originally Submitted on 8/27/99.

“There is no single formula for attaining a balanced life. It is a personal decision how one combines their career, spouse/significant other, children, friends and self into an integrated whole. The key is to develop creative solutions as you approach the challenges of balancing the responsibilities and joys of your multiple roles. Some of the same skills and strategies you use at work such as planning, organizing, communicating, setting limits and delegating can be used effectively on the home-front for achieving a satisfying, fulfilling well-balanced life both personally and professionally.


Ask for help and allow yourself to be helped and contributed to. Get your children involved–work together as a team. Recruit friends, family, neighbors, bosses, work colleagues, etc. and ask for their support. Create back-up and emergency plans; always have a contingency. Continue reading


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Playing the Slots!

Oh the fun of the slot machine! I loved it for about the first hour. Well, it was only nickel slots! The bells, the whistles, how when I “won” everyone cheered or looked at me with a big grin! What fun! But then, something happened…I realized that I had lost more than I “won”. Although the feeling was great, I wasn’t really winning. I was losing.

Don’t allow your MK experience to be like playing the slots. If you invest more than you think you should to reach a goal, we all applaud your “win”– never knowing how you got there. But continue to do this, and in the long run you will lose. Don’t let the glitz and glitter of the “win” keep you from being a wise business woman.

Does it hurt to not reach a goal? Yes. Will you sometimes do all you can without it being enough? Yes. But continuing forward with an attitude that you have learned from your mistakes and knowing it will be different next time will make you a true winner! Oh the joy you will feel knowing you did the right thing even when no one was watching! How you can soak up the praise without fear of being “found out”. This is your moment. Now you can shine.

Work with integrity. Then bask in the praise, the smiles, the applause. You deserve it!


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The Law of Compensation

I saw this mentioned in all the yahoo MK groups today and it really peaked my interest. I agree with this much more than the Law of Attration (in short you just think about something until you get it). Here is a general article about the Law of Compensation by Brian Tracy. It comes from Brian Tracy .

The Law of Compensation by Brian Tracy

“Ralph Waldo Emerson, in his essay, “Compensation,” wrote that each person is compensated in like manner for that which he or she has contributed.

The Law of Compensation is another restatement of the Law of Sowing and Reaping. It says that you will always be compensated for your efforts and for your contribution, whatever it is, however much or however little.

This Law of Compensation also says that you can never be compensated in the long term for more than you put in. Your income today is your compensation for what you have done in the past. Continue reading


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We Have So Much

While we are always looking for a way to reach our next goal in MK, let us not forget how much we already have in life. What do you have to be thankful for before you ask God for more? Do you have health, freedom to make choices, kids, family, a husband, a boyfriend, a roof over your head, food, a J.O.B., a car, etc.? While it is great to aspire for more out of life, let’s take today to be thankful that we already have so much.


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God First…

Ladies, I don’t presume to know how you prioritze things (or even your religion), but lately I have not had God first. In my world, it has been all about me and I want to change that. I am going to start posting a “God First” video, verse, or article once a week, if for no other reason than to remind myself to keep him first and to remind us that there is something bigger than blog wars, MK, and ourselves.

Enjoy the first of my weekly God First reminders! 🙂


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Make a Difference Video

Thanks again to “New to Pink”! She e-mailed me the link to this video and it was so touching! Grab a Kleenex and get ready to be inspired!

Click here to watch the “Make a Difference” movie


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